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Healthy like sunshine, fresh like seabreeze

23 October 1984
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Well, I really don't think of myself as "Sailor Lima Bean" anymore, but that is my online identity and I'd hate to change it now. All over the net for years now people have seen that one name and it is always me. Why confuse them?
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I am 2001 gal at heart and at heart only since I certainly won't dress that way anymore. I love Alba Rosa and Roconails, Disney (esp any of the films with a princess and that darling kitty Marie). My Maire collection is getting pretty decent. My newly formed Dollfie-love is takin' a lot of money... and of course I do still buy any Sailor Moon thing I can find... I <3 Sailor moon... I have no patience for people who are depressed or walk around all "woe is me." Half of the people around you are FAKING happy at any given moment. Learn to act!

All you need to know about someone you can learn by how they'd spend a millon dollars...

If I won a million dollars I'd probably still have to work. I mean, once I paid off my parents' homes and got them the upgrades they'd want, and got myself a nice little condo I'd have less then half a mil left. I'd drag my friends to Tokyo where we'd go nuts, then my father and I would go on a trip somewhere (no Japan. He's go insane), and then I'd kidnap my brother, sister, and mother to Disney Sea (and Ms. Brill and her family). Let's see.. 250K left. I'd get lip, boob, and arm surgery, a personal trainer, and then once all the ugly I can lose was lost I'd boost the Japanese economy buying cute clothes in Tokyo. The 109 and 109J wouldn't know what hit them. The rest I'd save for a rainy day...

I like too many things to waste space in my "interests" section listing them. Here.

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